Contact Information

Physical and mailing address:
3180 Peger Road, Suite 248
Fairbanks, AK 99709

The sign on the building is "Peger Business Center," and the office can be reached by taking either staircase to the second floor. The office is open by scheduled appointment only. If there is an issue of mobility or safety on stairs, please let me know in advance so that I can meet you on the first floor and use the key-operated lift.

Phone: 907-799-7695
Fax: 907-328-0907 -- For referrals over 40 pages, please consider using postal mail, PDF scan, or arranging an in-person exchange.

Referrals are accepted only in writing from health care providers. They should include enough recent notes to understand the referral question clearly. Self-referrals by phone are not accepted because this is a solo practice without a reception desk, and because in many cases it is a requirement for insurance coverage of specialty care to have a written referral.